Machine Specific Familiarisation

machine300Machine Specific Familiarisation

Min 1 hour. Duration of this course may vary depending on the complexity of the MEWP, the working environment and experience of operators

What is Machine Specific Familiarisation?
Machine Specific Familiarisation provides previously trained operators with additional knowledge and practical use on a particular make / model of MEWP. It is targeted at MEWP operators who have been trained in the same category of MEWP, but who intend to use a machine model with characteristics of weight, height, width, length or complexity which differ significantly to the MEWP they were trained on. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that all operators using equipment are adequately trained and familiarised to comply with current health and safety legislation.

Machine Specific Familiarisation is available from any of our training centres Manchester, London, Glasgow, Newcastle, Midlands / Banbury, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Portlaoise, Limerick

On-site training
On-site training on your premises is also available anywhere in the UK and Ireland subject to minimum numbers. The specific model of MEWP must be available for the practical training. A safe and suitable area is required for the practical use of the machine The Operator’s Manual and a copy of the current 6 monthly Certificate of Thorough Examination for the MEWP is required.

Machine Specific Familiarisation is intended for MEWP Operators who have already successfully completed an IPAF Operator training course in the appropriate category, and who hold a current IPAF Certificate of Training and PAL Operator card. Written confirmation can be issued to confirm the model of MEWP used for the familiarisation course. Machine Specific Familiarisation does not replace IPAF Operator training.

Course Description
Machine specific familiarisation should follow on from basic training and cover:

  • Manufacturer’s instructions and warnings
  • Features of the specific model
  • Control functions
  • Safety devices and
  • Emergency lowering procedures

All of the above are to be found in the information supplied with the machine.

Trainee Requirements
Candidates for IPAF MEWP courses must be at least 16 years of age. They must be medically fit to operate machinery.

PPE Requirements
Trainees must have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment with them i.e. Helmet, Safety Boots, Hi-Visibility Vest, Harness & Adjustable Restraint Lanyard.

Who Should Attend?
This Machine Specific Familiarisation course is suitable for IPAF Operators already trained in the appropriate category of MEWP but who are unfamiliar with the make and model they intend to use. The Machine Specific Familiarisation course is targeted at trained MEWP operators who wish to improve their knowledge on specific / complex models of MEWPs.

Course Objectives
To provide previously trained operators with the machine specific knowledge required to operate a particular make / model of MEWP efficiently and safely.

Training Methods
Presentation with slides, video, printed course material, demonstration, practical use.

Who Will Benefit?
All those in your organisation who use, supervise or manage the use of various types of MEWPs including Scissor Lifts, Mobile Vertical lifts, Self-Propelled Telescopic booms, Articulating booms or Mobile booms, Static Booms including Spider booms on tracks or wheels, Van-mounted booms, Truck-mounted booms or Trailer-mounted booms, articulated or telescopic types would benefit from Machine Specific Familiarisation.